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Be Bold!

Hey BeYouties! What comes to mind when you hear someone say, ‘She is so bold!’ Do you see a physically gorgeous woman who is dressed to impress? Or maybe someone who says exactly what’s on her mind and doesn’t mince words. Perhaps the woman who lives life courageously, traveling, living at the top of her career game, or mothering a boatload of kids with finesse exemplifies boldness. While those are examples of being bold, let’s take a look at boldness from a different perspective.

Just recently, my youngest son asked if we could go to Disney World for his birthday. He wanted to go just for the day since his birthday falls on a school day. He then went on to describe all the things we would do and the presents he would get. Now, after I chuckled to myself due to the initial shock of his request, I kid you not, Hebrews 4:16 came up in my heart. The Lord tells us in that verse to “… come boldly unto the throne of grace…” See, our Father loves us and He is inclined towards favoring us and bringing joy to our hearts. So, when we go to Him, He wants us to come boldly and with the understanding that we will find His grace, His favor, and goodwill towards us.

I believe my son came boldly to me with his request because he knows that I love him and I’m inclined to bless him. No matter how outlandish it may seem to me, the key is that he is certainly bold about it. He never would experience some things if he didn’t ask for them.

While I’m not suggesting that we come to God with childish requests like my son’s, we are commanded to come to him with childlike faith. We can trust and believe that God can, and will, do what He has promised in His Word. BeYoutie, be bold in your approach to our Father. He will do exactly what He promised. He loves you and is inclined to bring joy to your heart as no one else can.

Now, one thing my son rarely asks for is help. He believes he can do everything himself. Sometimes we can be the same way. Let’s take a look at the rest of Hebrews 4:16. It says, “Let us, therefore, come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Many of us are known for doing everything ourselves. We have so many plates spinning in the air and put so much pressure on ourselves to ‘keep it together’ that we wind up physically, emotionally, and even spiritually drained.

Some of us may even feel like we don’t deserve any help. We may have made some bad decisions that resulted in our own overwhelm. Or we may feel like a failure just because we can’t ‘do it all’. Don’t believe the lies. We were never designed to ‘do it all’. Every, single one of us needs help. That’s why God has given us The Helper, Holy Spirit Himself.

We can find comfort in knowing that at God’s throne of grace, there is mercy. So, no matter what we have done or how we have felt, if we come to Him with a heart to change, we will find His mercy. Thank God He does not give us the consequences we deserve. Once we receive His mercy, then His grace to help is ready for the receiving.

Let’s allow God’s mercy and grace to empower us to be the BOLD BeYouties He created us to be. Regardless of how we look on the outside, let’s remember that boldness begins with our confidence in our loving, heavenly Father.

Minister Kila Turner

God's BeYOUties Ministry

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