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Decluttering Your Life

Getting rid of the distractions and focusing on what is most important

Hey BeYOUties!

The sun is shining, windows are open, music is playing; It’s finally summertime and I don’t know about you but when I see sun, I automatically want to rearrange and clean up. I am all about that clutter free life.

You may ask, “what is clutter?” Well according to the 1828 Websters Dictionary, it’s a heap or assemblage of things lying in confusion. Even the sound of that seems like a mess.

So, how many of y’all would like to get ready and tackle the clutter in our homes, our cars, and our offices? After this is done, I find most times our minds will follow suit and become less cluttered too.

How to start:

I heard a quote by Rob Sharma that reads:

"Take excellent care of the front end of your day and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself." Simply put “Win your morning!”

What are some things we can do when we wake up?

  • Spend time with God- this definitely sets the tone for our day by providing direction and entering into his presence gives us peace for the day ahead.

  • Workout -Recognize our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and discipline our flesh by getting in some movement

  • Make our beds - Y’all this is a game changer for me, it makes the rooms look nicer and gives a sense of accomplishment.

If we can purpose together to make the beginning of our day a success, even if things pop up during the middle and end of the day, we can be assured we didn’t fail because our front half was a success. When I miss out on these three things it feels like I’m trying to play catch up and that is not a fun game LOL.

Where to Start:

  • We want to make sure we are not overwhelmed when we start this declutter process. So let’s start week by week and focus on one thing at a time.

Week 1 - Bathrooms

Week 2 - Kitchen/Pantry

Week 3 - Bedrooms

Week 4 - Basement

Week 5 - Garage or Storage Area

Week 6 - Car

Week 7 - Office

  • Ask yourselves do I really need it, if not throw it away, give it away or sell it.

  • Utilize an organization system with cubes, trays, folders, cabinets, etc and label items for quick finds.

  • Check Pinterest for ideas

So, we know how and where to start but you may ask why should I do this? Well, I am a firm believer that a cluttered atmosphere creates a cluttered mind. Having the area around us free from mess has a direct result on our mind. We know God is a God of peace and not confusion, but the very definition of clutter is confusion. So, the why, is to experience the peace that God promises us.

This can be accomplished by simply tightening up our day to day, cleaning up and getting rid of things we no longer use or want, creating an organizational system of the things we need and finally winning your morning so you we can win the days ahead of us. Let’s take this next 7 weeks to remove the clutter, clean the spaces we are in and maybe even rearrange the furniture and enjoy a clutter free life!

- Morgan Davis

For more information on this topic, join the bookclub for this month's selection - Declutter Your Way to Success by Terri Savelle Foy. Then, meet us online for a lively discussion on Saturday, July 30th at noon.

Go to for more details!

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