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Escaping BeYOUtie Burnout

Running errands, putting in hours at work, volunteering, cooking for the fam, and working a side hustle. Chances are you will do most, if not all, of these before the week is out. As women, we’re busy doing for others whether we’re recognized for our commitment or not. But as you read this I want you to remember that God sees you. He knows you’re tired, drained and frustrated and wants to fill you. Here’s three things that will allow Him to help you.

1. Help is Available

We can get so busy taking care of others that we start to wonder, who is taking care of me? I recently had this moment when I was picking up after my family. I said to myself, “Lord, I’m always the one picking up!” Soon, the words of Pastor Deborah came to mind. “Spending time with God is what takes care of you”

When we find ourselves complaining, it’s time to make an appointment with God. The Bible says that Holy Spirit is our helper. We won’t be concerned about what’s being done for us when we rely on Him for help.

Practical Tip: Instead of internalizing frustration, ask your loved ones for help. Communicate what you need and if necessary how you need it.

2. Rest

Since becoming a mom of two, tiredness hits me on another level! I’m constantly cleaning, teaching, cooking, and planning! I’ve adjusted to less sleep and more needs from more people. Maybe you’ve felt this way on your job, at school, or taking care of a loved one. You’re not alone and the grace of God is sufficient for the big and small tasks.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

The Holy Spirit knows the best way to execute tasks, manage time, and communicate in love. Let’s save time by asking Him. Resting in God takes a choice of casting our concerns on Him and trusting that He will take care of us.

Practical Tip: Take time for yourself

Getting a massage, reading a book, or enjoying a night out with the girls can all be helpful.

3. Talk Yourself Up

We’ve all looked in the mirror after a new hairstyle or outfit and said, “Girl, you look good!” Well, we have to talk ourselves up even when we don’t feel like it.

Remember the last time you felt burnt out and God brought you out. There is no greater pick-me-up like one from Him! Whether it’s by tailoring the Sunday message, sending an encouraging word from a friend, or a blog that’s right on time (wink). However He did it before, He can do it again.

Practical Tip: Instead of saying, “I’m so tired,” say, “I’m strong.”

Replace the sighs and grumbling with praise.

When you’re looking for someone to thank you, thank God for something instead.

Bounce Back

BeYOUtie, it’s not too late to bounce back from the burnout you’ve been experiencing. God is our lifeline and no matter how busy we get, we cannot afford to compromise our time with Him or underestimate the power that His Word provides to get us through everyday life. If you’ve found yourself constantly tired or burnt out, remember that God has provided help, rest, and the ability to use our words to change our situation.

- Shanae Wilkerson

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