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Lessons From Motherhood

Since becoming a mother, I have learned something new every day while rediscovering things about myself. The personal adjustments I had to make after one baby weren’t too dramatic, but when I had my second, it was a whole new ball game. It’s funny because I used to go around saying I wanted an entire football team of kids, but that was before I had any real life ‘momming’ experience. It’s safe to say that I have found a new level of appreciation for my own mother and moms everywhere. These are some lessons that motherhood teaches me every day.

1. I can do really hard things.

From pregnancy pains, unknowns, complications, hormones and emotions to the birthing experience and postpartum; it’s all hard. But everyday I’m presented with more challenges on my body, my peace, and my perspective. Motherhood has proven to me I can, in fact, do all things through Christ’s strength and dang, I am so glad that the Lord provides strength for me every day!

2. Everything is temporary.

As I was preparing to put this blog post together, I asked some mom friends and mentors of mine what they would say to their past self to encourage them. Everything is temporary was a common theme amongst them. Cherish the good times and don’t “lose it” over the really hard times, because it won’t be like that forever. You will get to sleep again; your kids will mature through the hard phases, and it will be ok. I find myself taking deep breaths around 3pm everyday inhaling, and then exhaling, “This too shall pass.” 3pm feels like 10pm some days in my house!

3. As your priorities change, your life will change.

Each season of motherhood looks different, has different restrictions and attention requirements. Right now, I’m in the super restricted and hyper attention demanding phase, so my life looks way different from what it did, even six months ago. It’s not easy or even manageable to make a quick run to the grocery store with my kids. I have to say no to some opportunities to tend to my family, and sometimes I have to back out of activities or obligations to take care of my children’s ever-changing needs.

Motherhood has also challenged me to be more intentional in my friendships. I have to plan ahead to hang out with my friends. And I have to set reminders to call them. I value my Godly friendships so much and motherhood has taught me how important my relationships are to my spiritual and mental health. I love my babies, but I still need my friends. If I don’t intentionally make time to cultivate my relationships, it ain’t gonna happen.

Being a mom is the most rewarding and most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I love my babies so much sometimes it actually hurts. And I know as they grow, the dynamics of our relationship will change with each season of their life, but no matter what, I will always be their mother, and I will continue to cover them in prayer. I will never take for granted this gift that God gave me.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mammas who are believing for a baby and the motherly figures, play aunties, godmothers, stepmoms, foster moms, moms and grandmas who could write novels about their motherly experience and wisdom.

I admire you for all your efforts, prayers, and unconditional love. Thank you for exemplifying the love of Christ to the generations you helped raise.

Happy Mother’s Day

-Ebeth Fielder

God's BeYOUties Ministry

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