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For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a wife and a mom. Fast forward many years and kids became a huge part of my life. I was always around them, whether it was babysitting or just being around the kids in my family. I knew how to change diapers, make food, get snacks, and play with them, so I was prepared for motherhood, right? Wrong! I was absolutely not prepared beyond changing a diaper. I am by no means a professional at this, but I would like to share 3 things I have found during my journey as a mother.

The first thing I find motherhood to be, is challenging. What I have found is that raising my children successfully will not happen if I rely on my own abilities as a person. I do think we have traits that assist us, but the reality is, we have to rely on God’s grace that He has given us for our individual children to truly raise them as He desires.

In my own life, I am a planner and very much a Type A personality. I realize that as much as I can plan something out, when you add small children; a toddler and younger child into the equation it may not go exactly how you planned it. This is something I have found very challenging as a mother. What I had to learn to and am still learning is to be more patient and rely on God to help me plan and execute even if it isn’t perfect or the exact way, I thought it should go. When this is done, the experience is much less stressful. We should constantly remind ourselves that God has anointed us to be a mother and because of that He has placed inside of us all we need to be a great mom. It’s up to us to tap into what has been provided.

Motherhood is also very humbling. I was raised by a perfectionist and “I apologize” or “I was wrong” was not something I heard a lot growing up. I think it is important to show our children to take ownership of areas where we are not always right. Sometimes, we can be so quick to take the stance that I’m the mother, you are the child and disregard how they might feel, but I believe humbling ourselves could benefit the relationship we have with our children.

Of course, our children should show respect, but sometimes the smallest things our children say or do can be quite humbling. I have heard things like, “mom, you aren’t supposed to be texting when you drive”, or “mom that hurt my feelings when you said that.” I can either brush off these comments because I am the parent or I can humble myself and respond with “thank you, you are right, it’s not safe" and “I apologize, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” We are not perfect, but we have to realize that when we humble ourselves with our children, when necessary, the outcome is much more pleasing in the long run. When a situation arises, we can ask, “is this worth being prideful or should I humble myself before my children? “

Lastly, motherhood is rewarding! The Bible tells us children are a gift from the Lord. Something a friend said really cemented this thought, she said, “I get to love them” If we sit back and just watch our children, and see them as God sees them, and the uniqueness they bring to our family, their personalities, and their thought processes, I think we can truly say motherhood is rewarding. We have a chance to raise beautiful humans for the purpose that God created them.

Motherhood is an experience of a lifetime, and we get the opportunity to have a front row seat. It has its challenges, and we have to humble ourselves, but as long as we rely on the grace God has given us for them, I believe we can see how rewarding motherhood truly is. I encourage every mother to keep going and don’t give up. You are making an impact.

- Morgan Davis

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