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Seasons of A Woman's Life

Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Seasons are often referred to as times that can be characterized by particular circumstances or features; periods of indefinite length (A while) or phases/stages we pass through.

As I reflect on my life now at age 67: married 50 years (June 2023), mother of 2 adult children, daughter in law, 1st time grandparent to a 7-month-old, primary caregiver of my 91 year old mother; I can now look back and see the seasons more clearer. The journeys through them have led me on experiences inclusive of most of the aspects of this entire definition.

My travels down through the years have taken me through many Winters, Springs, Summers, and Falls. The strides and experiences (natural & spiritual) have been seamless and reflective of God's Plan and Purposes.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't want to come across as a "super spirit" or to say there were not a lot of challenges, but I can truly say from the time I accepted Christ as my Savior at age 24, the seasons of my life have been educational, impactful and humbling.

I would also venture to say, that the seasons of my life have been like a "parallel existence." What I mean is the lessons (life experiences) that have been acquired either "bought" or "taught” are useful in your secular life (workplace, family, community, etc.) and in Christian service.

Winters can be harsh; they require you to be adequately dressed. This happens by keeping God's Word 1st! No children were raised up in WOF from ages 3-5 yrs old. Attending & Serving in the Church to our family was synonymous with keeping WARM, and WELL HYDRATED.

Springs were always a time we could "lighten up" a bit, however, never relax your standards. Remember, mom's word..."don't let the sun fool you!"

Summers, my husband and I vowed early to take at least 2 vacations yearly. One children's, and one for us - for everyone's refreshing.

Fall now includes care for mom. This experience has been both cold and warm. It is very challenging. I’m the only girl and it seems our lives are as mirror reflections of what life was like or will be like. The relationships require give and take. My "go to" essentials have been a packing of patience, prayer and "knee pads" for times of repenting.

In my newest role, as grandparent, SUNSHINE has arisen again & keeps me holding it together. I have learned through care giving (elderly and infant) some of same skills & principles must for used in order to remain victorious.

The Love of God is the key ingredient to success in managing seasons of change. Without God's Love living BIG in you, you cannot weather any of the storms that may blow in. His Love reminds me that it is Faultless, Unconditional, takes no account of a suffered wrong, is patient, kind, bears up under all things, believes all things endures all things and as you and I know LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!

Beauties, we can make it through each of the seasons of our lives as we appropriate God's Love as the final say. Make the commitment to trust God, obey God and allow His Love to keep you walking through the Seasons of your life!

- Sister Linda Stanley


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