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You Can Do It!

Sometimes with our fitness we think if we don't have hours to devote to exercise, don't have the membership or equipment, or the body (lose weight before you lose weight LOL) then we can't start. For me, I was used to working out hard before my son. But after having him, I had been sedentary for almost a year. So, it was hard for me to pick up a basket of laundry, let alone pick up weight. Of course, I was discouraged and because I was used to being able to push myself - I thought if I can't do this then I can't do anything. The problem with that is that you stay stuck and continue to regress. But It's ok to switch things up!

You may have to do something a little different until you're able to get to where you really want to be, and that's ok. Do it! It's like Pastor MiChelle said about our spiritual growth - sometimes you have to start with 5 minutes and build on that. The same thing goes for our fitness (start with a dance class or walking and then build on that).

A lot of times the number one end goal to our fitness is what we look like. We want to look good! whatever that looks like to you, and it's nothing wrong with that, but what happens when you don't see the results in the mirror right away? Do you quit? Before I had my son, I was motivated by seeing my muscles in the mirror - looking and feeling strong. But after being deconditioned - those muscles were tucked under something else LOL. So, I asked God to help me with my motivation and He just told me to look at working out as an act of being a good steward of what He's given me - my body. That way, my focus is health, keeping moving, and being consistent. You can do all those things regardless of what the scale says or what your reflection is looking like.

There's always something new out there - a new diet, a new workout that can get you quick results. I think the key is to do your regimen consistently and do it safely. Over time, the results will come. Don't look at what you don't have - especially time. Remember, you can do it! Whether you have 20 minutes or an hour to devote to exercise, if you make the most of that time, it won't be in vain.

-Shanae Wilkerson

Book Club Challenge:

Our books have been awesome so far and the small group and live discussions have sparked tears, laughter, healing, and inspiration. Now it’s time to keep it tight with our 3rd book “Help My Flesh Needs Discipline” by Creflo Dollar. During this time let’s show our flesh who is in control by making it move! No matter how small or great we are challenging every BeYOUtie to get moving. The key is consistency. So, decide what you’re going to do and how often you are going to do it. Then, show your flesh who is boss and get it done. Make sure to use #godsbeyouties or email us at and tell us about it!

Disclaimer: The content provided in this blog, is for spiritual and informational purposes only, on as “as-is” basis, without any representations, or assurances as to its accuracy or completeness, and is provided without warranties of any kind. The content is not to be construed as any attempt to either prescribe or practice medicine, nor shall the content be deemed by you to be medical advice, nor a replacement for medical treatment. You should consult your doctor before implementing any exercise regimen.

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